Industrial Applications

Magnetic sensors play a vital role in various industrial applications as they can detect changes in magnetic fields. They are versatile and can measure position, speed, direction, and proximity of objects.

In the automotive industry, magnetic sensors monitor the wheels’ speed, throttle, brakes, and steering wheel position, among others. Wind turbines use them to measure blade speed and direction and control blade pitch, enhancing turbine efficiency and protection. Generators use magnetic sensors to ensure consistent power generation by measuring rotational speed.

Finally, magnetic sensors detect rotor positions in motors, optimizing power plant efficiency. Overall, magnetic sensors provide critical data that help optimize efficiency, reduce maintenance costs, and guarantee reliable power generation in industrial applications.


Application Sensor Type
Engine Powered Compressors Variable Reluctance Speed Sensor
Engine Powered Generators Variable Reluctance Speed Sensor
Hydraulic Motors Variable Reluctance Speed Sensor

Other Industries Served