A worker focuses intently through a magnifying glass while constructing a small coil. The workspace is cluttered with various tools and materials, including a circuit board and wires. The worker's hands are precise as they manipulate the thin wire, carefully wrapping it around a cylindrical form. This scene captures the attention to detail and precision required to manufacture magnetic sensors, a specialized field that demands skilled craftsmanship.

Custom Coil Assemblies

Magnetic Sensors Corporation has earned a reputation for producing high-quality and innovative custom coil assemblies for a wide variety of applications. Designing, engineering, tooling, and manufacturing are all performed in-house by MSC personnel. 

An array of custom coils of different sizes and wire gauges are arranged in neat rows in this image. The coils are constructed from thin magnet wire, carefully wrapped around cylindrical forms to precise specifications. Each coil is unique, tailored to a specific application, highlighting the versatility of Magnetic Sensors Corporation's manufacturing capabilities. This image showcases the precision and attention to detail necessary to create a wide range of high-quality magnetic sensors, suitable for use in various industries.

Our coils are used in a variety of ways: actuators, antennas, electromagnets, inductors, linear motors, sensors, and transmitters. Besides round wire coils, both flat and square magnet wire can be used if higher power density is required. Custom design, development, engineering, tooling, and manufacturing are all done in-house by our dedicated staff. We have the coil solutions you need.

This image showcases a custom round coil manufactured by Magnetic Sensors Corporation. The coil is composed of a tightly-wound magnet wire, intricately wrapped around a circular form to precise specifications. This image highlights the precision and craftsmanship required to produce high-quality magnetic sensors for various industries.

Coil Types

  • Bobbin Wound
  • Free Standing (no bobbin)
  • Magnetic Pickup Speed Sensor coils
  • Custom Solenoids

Coil Shapes

  • Round
  • Rectangular
  • Trapezoidal
  • Sector of Cylinder
  • Bias Coil

Coil Sizes

  • Minimum – .011″ Diameter (magneto-optical application)
  • Maximum – 6″ Diameter

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