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Applications for Aerospace and Aviation

Magnetic sensors are widely used in the aerospace and aviation industry due to their ability to detect changes in magnetic fields. They have numerous applications, including navigation, aircraft health monitoring, air traffic control systems, and runway approach systems.

Magnetic sensors provide accurate positioning and orientation information for navigation systems in both military and commercial aircraft. They can monitor the health of aircraft components, track aircraft position and movement, and detect magnetic fields created by landing gear for precise runway approach.

Overall, magnetic sensors play a critical role in improving safety, reducing maintenance costs, and enhancing aircraft performance in the aerospace and aviation industry.

Powering the Future of Flight

The heart of any aircraft lies within its engines. Our magnetic sensors are instrumental in monitoring and optimizing engine performance. They ensure the engines operate at peak efficiency, enhancing fuel economy, reducing emissions, and extending the life of these vital components. Our sensors enable aircraft engines to withstand the most rigorous conditions while maintaining uncompromised reliability.

Precision in Flight

Imagine aircraft with unerring accuracy in navigation, orientation, positioning, and engine performance. Our magnetic sensors are the backbone of these capabilities. Whether it’s guiding an aircraft through complex maneuvers or fine-tuning the engines for optimal power output, our sensors provide the precision that aviation demands.

Aircraft Health Monitoring

Reliability is paramount in aviation, and our magnetic sensors are at the forefront of keeping aircraft engines in peak condition. With real-time data on critical engine components, we empower maintenance crews to detect issues before they escalate, ensuring safety, reducing maintenance costs, and preventing costly engine failures.

Groundbreaking Innovation

In the fast-paced world of aerospace, innovation is the key to staying ahead. Our magnetic sensors pave the way for groundbreaking technologies, from advanced navigation systems to autonomous flight control and intelligent engine management. We’re not just keeping up with the future; we’re shaping it.

Air Traffic Control

Efficient air traffic management is vital for safe skies. Our sensors play a pivotal role in air traffic control systems, ensuring the safe separation and guidance of aircraft, day and night, in all conditions, including those with advanced propulsion systems.


Steering Mirror Actuators Position Switch
Valve Actuators Position Switch
BW Photo Helicopter-by-daniel-klein-
BW Photo Helicopter-by-daniel-klein-
Photo of engine with speed sensors attached to it


Application                         Sensor Type
Brake Controls                         Geartooth Sensor
Jet Engines                         Geartooth Sensor, Vane Position Sensor
Steering Mirror Actuators                         Position Switch
Valve Actuators                         Position Switch
Turbochargers                         Geartooth Sensor

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